Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off to a winter wonderland!

Icy weather, tennis, alex's suit 165

When our kids were little, my funny and enthusiastic sister made up a little phrase we used to sing to them before a skiing trip:  We’re going skiing, ksh, ksh, ksh!   They loved the way the ksh emulated skis cutting the powder, and to this day the phrase comes up when it’s time to pack up for a ski trip.

Spring Break is finally here and this year we are going to cover new territory – Crested Butte in Colorado.  The kids have left the skis behind years ago…actually even my sister and her husband have joined the ranks of the snowboarders, leaving Husby and me the sole skiers.  It’s fun watching them zip by with such energy and speed.

I’ve got to go…I’ll talk to you next week.



  1. have a wonderful trip!

    ksh, ksh, ksh, splat. opps i haven't skied in a long time...

  2. Dragana, enjoy your ski trip!! Take some pictures - we'd all love to see what gorgeous photos you come back with. :D


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